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At the end of the day

I think I'm even too tired to watch television tonight. I wanted to write some more or at least edit what some of what I have already written, but I'll probably just have something to eat and head to bed.

I did quite a bit of work on my assignment and even updated my flashcards (which I almost never use, but like mind-maps, just making them helps me memorize). I think I need to get those two assignments out of the way before there is space in my head for anything else. One of them is going pretty well so far, I only have an essay to complete until mid next week. That should be manageable. The other one, I'll worry about some more tomorrow ;-)

It's been ages since I've done a movie review, partly because I haven't seen many movies or much else, partly because usually too busy or too tired. This whole side-effects thing sucks.

The drain of the kitchen sink is still clogged, even though we managed to put it back together again in the end. Don't know what we'll do about it next. Probably leave it for a while...

That guy I mentioned in my post the other day, he finally mailed me the registration key. Still, the program likes to crash, something which the trial version never did.

Overall, it's been a productive day and I'm pretty satisfied with my small world right now :-)
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