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School Update - The work never seems to end!

I managed to submit my last regular S104 assignment for the year. For that course, I have the two more multiple choice tests and the final project (which I haven't even looked at even though it's due in like a month). I am currently putting the most of my energies into the final project for SXR103 and I'm pretty pleased with my progress. I aim to have in the mail by Monday at the latest, but Friday would probably be better, knowing Royal Mail. Since it needs to be trackable it's going to cost a fortune :-( But well, then in case something goes wrong like it did last year, I'll be in the clear.

There is one more assignment for S342, the fourth and final one which covers the whole course and will require quite a bit of prep since I skipped that one topic study earlier on and now need to catch up.

And if I ever get all that done, then there is the exam prep. That's going to be a lot of work too. But I really enjoyed the course so far, so it shouldn't be so bad.

Well, back to work with me.
Tags: s104, s342, sxr103, uni

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