Illman (illman) wrote,

Various Tid-Bits

I've been shopping spending my hard-earned money at and stumbled across this bit from a movie summary:

With so many Mr. and Ms. Sato's in Japan . . . it's time to thin their numbers

When ne'er do well high school boy Tsubasa Sato discovers that people with the name of Sato are dying all across Japan, naturally he's concerned. Of course, he's not concerned enough to keep himself out of a fight, and one such fight lands him in another dimension. Everything seems normal in this new dimension until Tsubasa witnesses a girl brutally murdered right before his eyes. His friend explains, "the king of Japan has determined that too many Sato's exist in Japan," and to thin out the numbers the king has organized a game of real hide-and-seek where the Satos of Japan must evade "Oni" for one week or be killed. On one hand, death in this world means death in Tsubasa's real world, on the other successful survival means the granting of a wish. Can Tsubasa save himself and his sister, or will he be the next to fall to the oni.

Also, something that amused me considerably, was this line of dialogue from a mystery novel I'm currently reading:

Last time it was a sinking ship, this time it's a serial killer - I'm never using his travel agency again!
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