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It's all meep today

Revision is going slow today and I'm just not feeling motivated.

I'm like 'I'll never get a distinction on the course anyways and even if I do, it's not going to be any use'. I think the whole disability claim thing is getting me down. It's like conceding that I'll never manage to earn a living and do alll those things most people my age do (let's face it, most people my age are not still going to college) and that makes me sad :-(

Also, when I thought about doing NaNoWriMo this year, it occured to me that - yay - it would be my sixth time which I thought was pretty cool, but then I realized that I was doing pretty much the same thing back then as I'm doing now, if that makes any sense. I did my first nano my first year in college and I'm still in college now (and yes, I'm still an undergraduate). I have a job, but only because my parents and my boss go way back and have been traveling around the middle east together thirty years ago.

I realise that I haven't commented on TV or movies in ages, mostly because I haven't watched anything worth commenting about lately. I've pledged to not watch any of the new seasons until my exams are over and I honestly haven't missed them much so far. Not sure if that is good or bad.

I started on a new fanfic yesterday as if I didn't have enough stories to finish, but a rabid plot bunny bit me and I just had to write the first two chapters ;-)
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