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Revision And the Long Road Home

The closer I get to the exam, the harder I'm finding it to concentrate on my revision. It's not to say that it's going badly, on the contrary, I'm probably better prepared than I was for S344 last year. There are some parts of the material that I could know better, and I plan on getting the last few bits down tomorrow, but as I said, I'm having a really hard time focusing :-/

I'm also stressing out just a tiny bit because various loose ends that I still have to tie up. I still haven't gotten all my records and evaluation together for the disability claim and I was supposed to get the last ones previous Monday, but nothing so far. If I don't get them by the middle of the week, I'll have to call up everyone and ask them to mail them to my family's home instead. The DVDs I was expecting last week haven't arrived either yet which is just great since there will probably be no one home should they arrive on Monday. I'll be away all day to take the exam and L won't be home most of the the day neither.

But this time next week, I'll be back home, and probably worrying about NaNoWriMo and what to write and all that....That's something to look forward to :-) Plus, it'll be good to be back with Bro and Sis and the parents.
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