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TV Review: Bones - 4x05 - The Perfect Pieces In The Purple Pond

First review in ages, but now that my exams are over and that I'm home, I can finally start with the new seasons of the various shows I watch. I actually wanted to write a movie review when I started this entry, but then I realized that the last three movies I've tried to watch never made it past the first half-hour, either because the DVD wouldn't play or because collective vote decided that it was a waste of a perfectly good evening.

The Good:

  • Zack!

  • Purple Algae. I want that in my pond, should I ever have one ;-)

  • The case. I usually watch the show for the cases, but as far as crime dramas go, Bones is usually in the lower third. This one was pretty much top of the game as far as cases go.

The Bad:

  • The chemistry between Bones and Booth. They have none, period.

  • Yet another intern. How hard can it be to hire someone?

  • Being crazy is not nearly as much fun in real life. I should know...

The Weird:

  • Just normal Bones!Weirdness. Not much to say.

  • Oh yeah, and everyone was crazy. Great, but a bit weird.

The Characters:

  • Sweets was actually likable. That was probably the 2nd biggest surprise of the episode. His teeth seem to have gotten better, too. Maybe I just didn't notice that before.

  • Zach isn't a murderer! Biggest surprise of the episode. Love that. He always was my fave character, and I hope we'll see more and his storyline, especially in light of the revelation that he is not actually guilty of murder (just guilty of being crazy ;-)


  • It's all just a matter of degree - that seemed to be the theme of the episode. On the face of it, everyone/almost everyone on Bones is a little bit crazy/whacky/looney/whatever, but in this episode it was all just a matter of degree that seemed to decide who was a killer and who wasn't. Even Zach, the one who is probably the most crazy of the lot didn't turn out to be a killer as such.

  • What was also interesting was the whole 'we can't change what we are' <-> the victim having managed to change his life i.e. overcome OCD. Kinda sad that the crazy people caught up with him in the end ;-)

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