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I think I'm going to get rid of the phone

Saturday night, the whole family, except me was out, so I took the opportunity to have a nice evening and go to bed early, but apparently it was not to be. I has just fallen asleep when my mother called asking me if I had just send her a text message (which I hadn't), then an hour later, Orkos called with an update on my grocery delivery for this week. Another hour later, and it was getting pretty late by then, Sis called to ask if our parents were home yet (I gather she wasn't supposed to stay out that late). Then at 2 a.m. Sis called again to say that she was coming home now. Duh!

Now, last night, the phone woke me again twice. Once Bro, once a wrong number. What is it with people? Doesn't anyone ever sleep?!

I'm dead tired with a headache and I have a sort-of job interview this afternoon. Nothing too important, fortunately. I've been working/volunteering there on and off for a few years now during my fall/winter breaks.
Tags: duh!

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