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22 October 2008 @ 09:47 am
Food and Cooking  
It is safe to say that my family does not approve of my food choices as yesterday has shown once again. They are all 'meat and potatoes', whereas I'm a vegan and make most of my food from scratch, since I don't want soy or sugar/corn-syrup etc. in there. Caffeine is pretty much my only vice, food vice.

So, today will be a cooking day. I need to make at least one batch of crackers and dehydrate them overnight. Since my dehydrator was a bargain buy on ebay, its timer only goes for twelve hours, so I let it run overnight and flip the crackers in the morning the next day. In an effort to expand my food horizons, I bought some jicamas. Since I'll have the dehydrator running anyways, I'm going to give jicama chips a try. All that will probably be enough to exhaust me completely.
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