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Yesteday was a tota loss - almost

Due to extreme exhaustion, I barely managed to drag through the day, let alone do very much. I did manage to write most of the second chapter of my halloween story, so it wasn't a total loss, but aside from that, zilch. Not even TV. I did manage to go to English class in the evening, but it was a bust, too. I was tired, cranky and annoyed by certain people in the course. Oh well, it can't be fun every time, I guess.

I'm determined to make today a little more productive. I have an appointment with Dr. S-D later on today. With any luck, after that I'll have all the info I need to complete the last forms for my disability claim. I still need the exact dates from when I was in hospital and some other info as well. That's one point on the to-do list anyways. I already got in some writing, finished chapter two and paid some bills that needed taking care of. I'm off the a good start. Now I just need to get motivated to tackle the rest.
Tags: disability claim, health, rl

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