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So, about the appt. yesterday

It is not an answer I wanted to hear, but it does explain the changes in my mental health over the last year. As most of you probably know, I have been diangosed with bipolar disorder, autism (asperger's syndrome) and ADD. Taken together that explains most of my symptoms, but not all. Now, Dr. S-D had reviewed my file for her evaluation and think that a psychotic illness would be a far better explaination for the mess in my head, especially since a) I hardly have mood-swings anymore, b) I never really responded to treatment for bipolar disorder and c) I have a near constant sound of screaming in my head. Plus she says it would also explain why I have a lot of trouble focussing on anything and have gone from being fairly social to being very introverted starting in my late teens.

Strange as it is, this makes me feel better. Somehow, it's brought me greater peace of mind.
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