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Yet Another Reason I love England

Went to the pharmacy in town yesterday, one I'd never been to, but that had a sign on the door saying that payment by credit car was accepted. Well great, I thought. Since I have private health insurance, I always have to pay my meds in full up front and get the money back later. That usually takes a while, so I usually put the meds on credit card, that way I have the money already back by the time my credit card bill arrived. But back to the story. I went in, give them my prescription and asked if I could pay that by credit card. I explained why and pointed out that it said so on their sihn out front. Yes, of course I could do that, the woman said. Since my meds weren't in stock, they said they'd order them for me and I could pick them up the next day. When I went back the pharamacy tomorrow, of course the told me that I couldn't pay by credit card. They wouldn't accept that form of payment with sums that high. Duh! Why do they think that I want to pay by credit card? Abilify is insanly expensive with a pack ~1000€ :-/

What am I supposed to do now? I can't afford that kind of money right now and neither can my parents. I've used an online pharmacy a few times in the past, but it they awfully slow and I don't want to go without my pills for so long.
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