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Writer's Block: Confidential

Prying eyes are everywhere, from pesky younger siblings to the Patriot Act. What steps do you take to protect your privacy, on or offline?

Seriously, if I were worried about prying eyes, I wouldn't be blogging. Personally, I find f-locked journals annoying (no offense to reading this, I know quite a few of you have f-locked journals), so I most of my entries are public, unless there is a good reason not to make them public. I don't know that many people in rl and I don't think any of them are reading my blog, but if they were, it wouldn't really bother me. I generally only post things I don't mind other people reading (duh!). What I do on occassion is googling my real name and see what comes up, but I haven't yet found anything embarrassing (aside from some creative spellings), although there are a few mentions of rl!illman on the internet.
Tags: online security, privacy, writer's block

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