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Another Food Post (but there is other stuff in there as well)

I think I've found the best raw vegan chocolate in Europe. It taste like real chocolate, although it doesn't quite melt as nicely. But the taste, wow! Plus no sugar, dairy and other nasties :-) Plus, I found it at a on-line story based in Germany, so I can order myself some more around Christmas without breaking the bank on postage. That pretty much made my day. I think I'll reward myself with another piece if I make my nano target today.

In other, random, but also food related news, I've come to two conclusions related to juicing. One, juicing a small piece of ginger with a fruit and veggie mix makes for great taste and two, cleaning up is the worst part of juicing (although I'm not a big fan of all the peeling and cutting into small pieces business either).

As far as rl is concerned, I signed up for an Oceanography course for next year. I've got a ton of prep reading to do, but first I need to find out how to get the books at a decent price. I'm not holding out much hope for ebay, but there's always used books on amazon or maybe an academic bookstore with a used books section, if there is such a thing somewhere in the area. But I'm going to the big city anyways for a nano meeting om Saturday, so I might as well check it out. As far as other courses for next year are concerned, I'm not totally certain yet - I do need to take a project course and I might also be in for another chem course, but I need to do some checking on that. I might also have a new job, but more on that when I know more.
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