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I went to a write-in (NaNoWriMo meeting) yesterday. It turned out pretty unexpected, but mostly in a good way. The turn-out was beyond meagre with only four people showing up me included and one of them left after less than an hour. We tried to had a go to at last talk about mostly writing related subjects, but the conversation kept drifting, so it was decided that if we weren't going to write anyways, we might as well get something to eat and drink. One of the guys had just learned that he is going to be a father and he invited us all for drinks. We went to his favourite bar which strangely enough turned out to be a gay bar. I think me and the other girl from nano were the only women in that place. Still, it was good, nice music, plus they had at least a vegan dish on the menu.

After the bar, we headed back to the train station, although because we'd made a beeline to the Christmas market, we missed the first train back and had to wait for the last train of the night. We headed over to Starbucks and met up with the guy who'd left early who was there with his brother. Everyone except me and the other girl seemed more than just slightly drunk by the time we finally got back to the train station. By that time, I was totally exhausted, also because I'd not taken my meds for the evening. I was just about to fall asleep on the train when the federal police showed up to arrest some guy a few rows back. Yes, public transport is an adventure ;-)

But all in all, I enjoyed the night out and feel pretty decent having only had seven hours of sleep. Might not sound like so little, but it is for me.
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