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NaNo, Disability Claim and Life in General

The letter with the decision regarding my disability claim arrived today and I'm being granted disability status with a rating of 50%. That's the first hurdle taken, now I need to apply for the actual benefits at the various places such as with my health insurance. That means a whole lot more forms and paperwork. But yeah, I'm happy that the decision has taken only a month, from what I had read on the internet, it can easily take twice that, and I really needed to before my 25th birthday.

I'm bored with NaNo, but determined to finish the story anyways. I wanted to be done yesterday, but with work and the VHS, I simply couldn't get the last two scenes down in anything resembling decent English. Today isn't going much better, I only logged around 500 words so far, but I haven't had my Strattera today (the pharmacy can't get in until tomorrow) resulting in poor concentration and a very evil headache.
Tags: disability claim, health, nano, nanowrimo, rl

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