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The 12 Days Of Christmas - Day 9

How does it work:

1. First Come, First Served - if there is something on the list that you'd like, comment. Anonymous commenting is enabled and the entries are public.
2. Next, I'll need your location (country), so that I can give you an estimate of postage (the presents are free, but postage is paid by the recipient, sorry).
4. If we both agree, all I need is your addy, and I'll mail your present as soon as possible. Once you receive it, it's your turn to reimburse me for postage.
5. Comment! I want to know what you think. ALL feedback is welcome!
6. Pimp, Pimp, Pimp - the more the merrier
7. Play nice!

Today's freebies:

Brides Of Christ - Miniseries DVD (unknown region, though if you are interested I'll try to find out)

1 BDR, OCN VU (SGA Slash Zine)

Demons (SGA Gen Novel Zine)


Big Finish - Dead London (8th Doctor Audio Play) 1 Dead London.rar

Big Finish - Max Warp (8th Doctor Audio Play) 2 Max Warp.rar

Torchwood - Border Princes (Audiobook) Torchwood audiobooks - Border Princes.part01.rar Torchwood audiobooks - Border Princes.part02.rar Torchwood audiobooks - Border Princes.part03.rar Torchwood audiobooks - Border Princes.part04.rar Torchwood audiobooks - Border Princes.part05.rar Torchwood audiobooks - Border Princes.part06.rar Torchwood audiobooks - Border Princes.part07.rar Torchwood audiobooks - Border Princes.part08.rar Torchwood audiobooks - Border Princes.part09.rar Torchwood audiobooks - Border Princes.part10.rar Torchwood audiobooks - Border Princes.part11.rar

Today, I do have a request of my own. I love Big Finish as you no doubt could tell, but is there anyone reading this who could point me in the direction of the SG1/SGA Big Finish productions. I haven't found any d/ls for them so far and I don't really want to spend the money before knowing if they are any good :-/
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