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The 12 Days Of Christmas - Day 12

How does it work:

1. First Come, First Served - if there is something on the list that you'd like, comment. Anonymous commenting is enabled and the entries are public.
2. Next, I'll need your location (country), so that I can give you an estimate of postage (the presents are free, but postage is paid by the recipient, sorry).
4. If we both agree, all I need is your addy, and I'll mail your present as soon as possible. Once you receive it, it's your turn to reimburse me for postage.
5. Comment! I want to know what you think. ALL feedback is welcome!
6. Pimp, Pimp, Pimp - the more the merrier
7. Play nice!

Today's freebies:

Doctor Who - Earthshook DVD (Regiom 2 + 4, PAL, 5th Doctor serial)

The Life Before This DVD (Region 1 NTSC)

Doctor Who - Season 1 DVDs (Region 2, French Edition, however DVDs have audio in both English and French)

Doctor Who - Season 2 DVDs (Region 2 + 4, PaL)

New Tricks - Series 1 DVDs (Region 2 + 4, PAL)

Joe's Wedding DVD (Probably Region 1 NTSC)

And downloads:

Doctor Who - Paradise Of Death (3rd Doctor Audio Play)

Sarah-Jane Smith - Fatal Consequences (Audio Play)

If you like the Big Finish Doctor Who audios, I'd be happy to burn them to CD for you, as I think I have pretty much all of them to date. I'm not sure in which format they are, but if you are interested, leave a comment and I'll get back to you : -)

And so end The 12 Days Of Christmas at my journal! The last of the mail probably won't go out before Monday, so if there is anything you want from this or previous posts, let me know. Hope you have enjoyed my little project and if you'd like to leave a little note of feedback, I'd be even more happy ;-)
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