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Culinary Adventures: Raw Chocolate - Episode 2

Made more raw chocolate yesterday and the day before and it actually turned out pretty well. Here is what I did:

Batch #1 - White Chocolate

Base made from: cacao butter, coconut butter/oil, lucuma powder

Added various combinations of: ground freeze-dried fruit (durina and mangosteen were the only ones I had handy), hemp seeds, vanilla powder, purple corn extract

Lessons learned:

  • Purple corn extract does not give a nice colour.

  • Real powdwered vanilla is very much worth the price.

The results: Delicious, although melting very easily. Still as I have not yet found any decent (or even edible) raw white chocolate in stores, I'm very satisfied.

Thoughts for the future:

  • Try different freeze dried fruit (must see where they can be obtained cheaply)

  • Fine tune the amounts.

Batch # 2 - Milk Chocolate sans milk

Made from: cacao butter, coconut butter/oil, ground cacao nibs, lucuma powder, raw agave syrup

The result: A bit too sweet, but very nice. I think this one is a keeper.

Thoughts for the future:

  • Fine tune the amounts as to create less sweet chocolate.

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