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The Big Clean-Up

Last night, I made up my mind to finally clean up the mess that is my room. A serious mess that I simply cannot seem to get rid of. My room is very small and I have A LOT of books and DVDs, more than I can fit on the shelves, but it should still be possible to get the room into some semblance of order. So, this morning, I grabbed a roll of big trashbags and several of the sturdy Orkos boxes and got started. It already looks a lot better now, problem only is that there is a lot of stuff on the bed (moved there from the floor) preventing me from taking a nap. And my head really hurts :-(

Right now, I'm doing the last of my Christmas shopping on-line and later I shall get the letters and parcels ready for my trip to the post office tomorrow.

BTW, featherfour, you're card arrived! It is lovely. Thanks :-)
Tags: christmas, christmas project 2008, clean-up, shopping

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