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SlingBoxes and Hosting Companies

One of my projects for 2009 (yes, I call them projects instead of resolutions), is to download less. To that end, and because not having television or radio at home sucks big time, I have been looking into slingbox hosting companies. So far, I have found three UK based ones, two of which I have tested so far - und uktv2c. They both seem pretty good in terms the actual video/audio streams. Both played much more smoothly and without interruptions than the now defunct liveuk feeds used to play. So far so good. The whole slingbox concept appears to be pretty expensive, especially the initial set-up, at all the companies I have had a look at so far. But I think having TV back at home would be worth it. Plus, it's independent of location, so I wouldn't just have it when staying with my parents. All in all, I'm seriously thinking about it.

As for whether it is actually legal, the companies that offer the service claim that it is, but I have found some info on that 'net that, at least in the US, that's not true. If anyone knows something on this topic, please let me know.
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