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A new job on the horizon (just not the one I expected)

Had my job 'interview' on Saturday. Turns out the job isn't actually proofreading at all (which might be a good thing since I know hardly anything about physics). Basically, the author is looking for someone who is good at the computer and knows their way around OCR. What I have to do is scan the pages of the book and make them into an MS Word document with a specific layout. Since OCR only handles so much, there is a lot of manual work, especially with all the diagrams and formulae which need to be transcribed. He gave me ten pages so that I could see for myself what is involved and if I like the work. The first page took me ages, but I think once I've done a couple, it will go a lot faster. I actually like the work and it seems to agree with me. I like working on the computer and I'm not very good with people, so that's another plus.

I want to tackle at least two pages today, better three. I've already scanned all ten pages and ran OCR past all of them. Now it's only a matter of transcribing with the OCR didn't catch and fixing the layout.

If the guy like my work, there is plenty more where those ten pages came from ;-) The whole book needs to be done by the end of 2009, so this could turn into quite a long-term thing. I did want to start a business in 2009 as some of you already know. I still want to do that for so many reasons, and I've also started a free business course offered by the job center for young people who want to start their own business. With all that, I have the feeling that the days will be way too short this year ;-) I still have a natural sciences degree to finish as well and a thesis to write.
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