Illman (illman) wrote,

I think I'm going crazy without the internet

I hadn't realized I was this addicted to the 'net, you know, aside from genuine need for the thing for study, work and business research. I don't even know what I do all the time on the 'net. I guess I spend a lot of time on sites like lj and various communities. Plus, I get all my TV over the net via slingbox, so no net at home means no TV. For tonight I have managed to invite myself to a friend's place where we shall watch TV tonight. Second series of Murdoch Mysteries is starting!

In other news, the first part of my research material has arrived. I now have copies of several past issues of Get Fresh magazine and I have to say that it is very good, much better than I thought. Really some useful info in there as well. Plus, I just found a place offering more back issues in electronic format. Might be worth a second look.

Only thing that I sort of making a dent into my day is a relentless headache. I think I'll head home soon and lie down a bit. On the way, I want to have a look at some blenders, because I left mine at my parent's place since it would have cost as more to ship it here than the blender cost in the first place. Plus, I'm looking into something a bit more convenient than a jar for sprouting, although I doubt I'll be able to find that in town.
Tags: internet, rl

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