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Hell is other people? - Sometimes, yes.

Lesson of the day: Don't tell your parents everything, they are only going to ruin it.

Things is - the parentals say that I'm not allowed to get internet at my place because it is not 'good' for me. WTF!?

It's not yet noon and I already managed to have a big fat arguement with the parentals on the phone. I rarely argue with my parents, we normally get along pretty well, especially when I'm not home ;-)

Still, there are certain topic that always lead to an arguement and most of the time, we all know better than to talk about them. Why that didn't work today, I have no idea. What I didn't know, but certainly do now is that apparently, my use of the internet is one of those topics :-/

I think I need to distract myself with something fannish.

Oh, and btw. congrats to Bro for getting that scholarship!
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