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Even if there were more hours in the day

...I still would get nowhere near keeping on top of everything as I'm simply too exhausted most of the time. While health-wise, it's going pretty good lately, I'm so often dead tired in the middle of the day, despite sleeping at least 10 hours during the night and taking an afternoon nap. Part of it, I'm sure are the meds, fatigue is a side effect of pretty much all of them.

In my efforts to keep at least somewhere near to schedule, I put business related activities on the backburner for the moment to focus on uni and current jobs. The thesis/research project is taking up a mountain of time, although I seem to be finally getting somewhere. I now have a topic, title and research objectives, all approved by my tutor as being suitable. My search of the availablke literature is not going so well as while there is a lot on the topic in general, there is not so much on my rather specific subtopic. So progress is being made on that :-) Much in contrast to S330, the Oceanography course. I'm only mid-way through book 1, when I'm supposed to be starting book 2 on Saturday. Sometimes, I wish I could just focus on my studies, without having to worry about working on the side. But untile that disability money comes through, if it does at all, I need to keep going with my two jobs. They are both less than what you'd call part time, one of them is 6 hours a week, the other around 10 - 15, depending on what exactly my assignment consists of. That is really not terribly much, compared to for example how much Bro works on the side. But then, he isn't dead on his feet at 6 p.m..

But I must get back to my reading. I have to get at least 2 1/2 chapters done by tonight.
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