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06 March 2009 @ 11:05 am
If only my mother would learn to email...  
Still no news on the assesment with the job center. I have been waiting for this for almost 6 weeks now. It's gotten so bad that I call my parents every morning just to check if that letter has arrived yet. I tried to persuade my mother to finally start using the email addy I set up for her, but no joy. My phone bill is going to be astronomical next month. In other news, there is no news ;-)

I'm still insanely busy with uni and everything else. I have around 100 pages to read until tomorrow, plus a boatload of question to answer about them. I guess I could delay that until Monday, but I have a work deadline on Sunday, so I really need the weekend to work on that. I already put in about two hours for work this morning. Problem is only that a) I need a lot of sleep and hence never manage to get up earlier than 7.30 and b) I have a lousy attention span, so 2 hours of work takes up a good 4 time hours. But alas, on with those pages!
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