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Maybe I'm a pushover just for trying...

But anyways, this morning was made of epic fail. It started off well enough after a decent night. I actually started work well before 10 a.m. which is pretty unusual for me. But then I got sidetracked...

L's new Ipod arrived yesterday and of course, she needed a helping hand in getting video on it. So I dl/ed Super, set it up and showed her how to convert her vids. When this was finally up and running on L's crawlingly slow laptop, she decided that while I was at it, I could help her order some more RAM for said laptop and after that was done and the morning was half over anyways, I had a go at refilling the printer ink (of L's printer). Of course, it all turned into a gigantic mess and didn't work at all. I had read positive and negative reports on the 'net before getting started, but despite trying to follow the vague instructions that came with the refill kit, the ink leaked out of the cartridge even while I was filling it. Bah! Once the mess was cleaned up, I got back on the 'net and ordered a proper new ink catridge. I told L she should get a laser printer, but who ever listens to me?!

I'm really starting to think that I'm a total pushover :-/ It's not like I don't have work of my own to do. Herds of deadlines are in my future.
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