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Misc Update in Bullet Points

  • Did I have a bad night! You think I would be less tired on fewer meds, but so far, cutting down further on Lamictal has only made things so much worse. Hope that somehow smoothes itself out in time. Right now, I don't really feel like doing anything, but I have both chores to do and upcoming deadlines, so I better get going once I finish this entry.

  • If I can work up the energy and that is a big if, I'm going to try out anothet sweet potatoe recipe.

  • S is back and that means that there is yet another person who wants a share of the internet. We now have a router which means I can use the net at my desk, but still no broadband. Not that I can afford that right now.

  • Speaking of affording, I don't really want to part with anything hard-earned, but I am in need of a new hd. I did some shopping around and found what looks like a rather good bargain on ebay.

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