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I have no idea what is wrong with me (or the world for that matter), but ever since waking up yesterday, I feel like absolute hell. Not mentally, I'm still in a slump, but it's already improved a bit, but physically. I have hardly gotten any sleep last night and the night before despite seroquel and my bones hurt like they haven't in ages. I can't even lie down comfortably or sit or anything because it hurts. Plus, I'm exhausted. I feel like I'd fall asleep any moment now, but I just can't.

So, pity party over. I have a deadline later today and my boss already seems annoyed that I emailed him on a Sunday with a question. It wasn't like he had to answer, but I still got the impression that he was annoyed. I don't happen to believe in weekends. I do a lot of my work on the weekend, when I don't have school or my other job to deal with.

I loaned L one of my external hd, because she needed something that was on it and now that I have it back, there is a screw missing from the casing and the front keeps falling off. Duh! I really should know better. But new hd is ordered and should arrive early next week along with my The Avengers DVDs. Yeah, if I didn't feel so lousy and didn't have so much to do, it should be a really good week ;-)
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