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Life Reduced To Bullet Points ;-)

  • Feeling better than a few days ago, but still not really 'normal'

  • Upgrading L's computer memory went well and it indeed runs faster now. Still takes ages to boot, but that is fortunately not me problem (at least untl L comes to me with it)

  • Boss hasn't gotten back to me on my last assignment, so I'm not really sure whether to go ahead with the next batch already. But I guess unless he fires me after this one, I will have to submit it eventually and might as well get started.

  • Uni work is boring, but not too hard at the moment. I'm about 1/3 done with my upcoming assignment and it seems to have gone really well so far. Will tackle the next question today, having completed the first two already. If only I could get started.

  • Signed up for a youtube account (I know, I know), but I wanted to subcribe to some channels. Not sure if I'll be making much other use of it. I'm still amazed at all the crap you have to wade through to get to anything worthwhile. Plus, I suspect this will turn into another great site to waste time with on the 'net.

Tags: misc, s330, uni, work, youtube

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