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Culinary and other updates

I'm slowly 'cooking' my way through Raw Magic. Last week I made the recipe for mulberry fudge and even though I couldn't blend the dried mulberries due to lacking blender power, it turned out fabulous. I already ate all of it and now I'm pondering whether to make another badge of whether to try something else. I have set my sights on the goji fudge, except that I'll probably make it as an apricot fudge. I'm not that big on goji berries. They remind me of cranberries which I don't like very much. Or I could make some more chocolate, possibly with dried mulberries in it. There is a recipe for it in the book. However that also calls for bee pollen and I'm out of that and my current finances don't see my getting it again any time soon, what with my claim denied and all that:-(

They are building something (a huge something from the looks of it) in the empty lots across the street and do the workers never seem to stop! They were at it when I went to bed last night and when I got up this morning. Admitedly, I go to bed early and get up late, but still - they should take a break at some point, if only because of the noise.

I haven't heard from my boss in over a week now and I'm not sure what that means. I don't think I'm fired, I mean he would have let me know about THAT. Maybe he is just busy, but I am a bit worried. About my job, mind you ;-) My other job is going okay, it's stressful as always and I need to do my paperwork for the quarter soon-ish. I hate paperwork.

Next TMA is due on the 15th of this month and it looks like a lot of work. I have worked through all the course texts it is supposed to cover, but still, most of the questions are a complete mystery to me. Well, need to tackle that later today, after I finish with some chores and message/emails to various people.

BTW, I've ventured onto youtube, posted some stuff and looked at a lot more stuff (and downloaded even more stuff for later viewing), but they really noteworthy thing is the abysmal nature and writing of the majority of comments I have gotten so far. Half of them, I have no idea what they are on about and the other half is spelled in IM!English. Of course there are exceptions, so no offense to any of you :-) I contacted several people on there as well, in an effort to add some more episodes to my The Bill collection (I know, I know, it's trashy, but what can I say, I have a soft spot for that sort of thing). One of them has gotten back to me so far and we have worked something out. So all in all, I'm pretty pleased with my youtube adventure, even though it's puzzling at time.

One of my flatmates has a birthday today and I'm not yet done with his present. One more DVD to burn and I can go and wrap it. I suspect that I won't get anything done today for uni at all.
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