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Can we have the weekend now please?

Half of the workweek is over and I'm just about dead as well :-( Tomorrow needs to be better. At least I won't have to go anywhere.

Was going to watch TV via the slingbox but I had hardly switched on when L called. Missed most of the tonights The Bill episode now. Will have to d/l it tomorrow. I probably won't get around to watching it for weeks, like most of my shows these days.

And yeah, made 70% on my first SXN390 assignment. I had hoped, but not really expected, a bit more :-/ I need to step up my efforts for uni if I ever want to graduate. Not that a degree will actually get me anywhere (but that's another thing, which I won't get into now. Save that for another day)
Tags: sxn390, tv, uni, work

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