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It's been a pretty good week

Seeing as I haven't been so good about updating, mostly because one of my jobs is wrapping up and there is a lot of last minute work, plus I've been away for a few days, too.

  • I mentioned that I've been appealing the decision regarding disability benefits. Last week, a letter arrived saying that I'm granted benefits on a temporary basis for the remaining duration of my university studies. I had mentioned to one of the people I spoke to on the phone that I'm recognized as a disabled student by my uni as far as tuiton fees are concerned and it seems that suddenly that is all the proof they need. Apparently I got that disabled person ID card for nothing. Well, not nothing as I discovered that some phone/internet providers offer special pricing for disabled people. Need to look into that to see if I save some on broadband that way.

  • I did a large scale clean-up which took almost two days. but is no finally complete. It did make me realize that I desperately need another shelf as the books are piling up everywhere.

  • I'm about four chapters into a new fanfic and should be able to post the prologue later today.

  • I realize that I haven't updated Bad Day At Sun Hill for a while, but that too should happen soon-ish.

  • Above plans might be derailed though by last minute alterations for my current work assignment.

  • I'm not sure whether to hope for a new assignment or not. Technically I don't have the time, but I really need the money, until the benefits actually came through. And even then, it wouldn't hurt to earn a little bit on the side.

  • Got a 73% on my oceanopgraphy assignment. That's okay as I didn't spend too much time on it and wasn't feeling very well at the time.

  • Saw Dr. G on Thursday. Not much help there. Again told me to go up with the Effexor if I don't feel better in a week. Don't know whether I'll actually do that, even if things continue as they are right now.

That pretty much wraps up last week. There is some more stuff to be decided regarding getting broadband and US slingbox TV, but that is for another post.
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