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Work, Play and the Internet

Nothing new on the horizon job wise, but I managed to get more hours at the school starting next week. I'm not exactly looking forward to that, but it's better than nothing.
L keeps dropping veiled hints that her boyfriend would like to move in once S leaves for the US in early summer. It would be good to have someone paying rent, but I'd rather advertise in the paper before having the boyfriend move in. Needless to say, we do not get along. If she had to pick someone from work to go out with, why couldn't it have been someone else?!
In much better news, the internet service tech was here day before yesterday and now we have seriously fast broadband :-) Downspeed isn't quite as fast as advertised (except early in the morning), but upspeed is solid. No word on ping yet, but S is going to test that when he gets here on Thursday or Friday.
I'm really excited about this
Made some very good raw custard with lucuma flavour. It was a bit on a bit on the chunky side, but I plan on refining the recipe as soon as a get some more sweet potatoes (along with avocado they formed the base of the custard).
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