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A Day About Town...

Is what I had yesterday: I went to a raw food trade show. It was both very interesting and inspiring. Travelling there was a bit of a hassle with changing trains and doubl-booked reserved seats, but I eventually got to the city where the trade show was being held. Since I had no idea how to get from the train station to the trade show (well, I had some info from the trade show website, but it turned out to be useless), I asked a bunch of people and eventually found my way to the central bus station. Based on info I'd gotten from the service desk, I got on a bus, already thinking that the worst was over, but alas, I ended up in the middle of nowhere, and nowhere near the trade show. So I had to wait for the next bus back to town. On the way, I again asked a bunch of people and two very kind women were able to tell me which tram to take. From the tram stopped, the trade show was within view and I finally arrived.
Spent some hours looking around, chatting to a few people and bought a late lunch. During lunch, I met a guy from my town who was there with his car and offered to drive me back home. Of course there was a gigantic traffic jam on the motorway so it took a lot longer than the train journey would have taken, but he was a nice guy and we talked raw-foodism an veganism most of the time. All in all, I had a good time. Of course, I'm super-exhausted today, but since I have been home with my parents again the past two weeks or so, there isn't a lot that I have to do anyways.
Anyhow, I had my first fresh (as in not dried) durian at the trade show and it was pretty good. Also tried some safu and pilinut, which weren't so good, but interesting still. Tried even more raw chocholate and also bought some as well as a book on juicing. There were mostly German merchants at the trade show, but a few from other European countries as well. Once again, the English classes paid off ;-) As for inspiration, I am seriously thinking about doing a juice fast/feast sometime soon. I had toyed with the idea before, but it never went anywhere mostly for lack of specific info. I did gain a few pounds since going on Abilify (unfortunately weight gain is a frequent side effect, despite consistently eating around 90% raw food for the past two years), plus, I could use a break. I think I'll do it once I submitted my assignment on Wednesday. That way I can order most of the stuff I'll need at Orkos.
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