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Juice Fast Day 5 + 6, maybe, I have no idea

Yesterday was a decent day, went for a swim in the morning and was subsequently very much worn out for the rest of the day. Still, I couldn't nap at all and hardly got any sleep last night. Today is not such a good day at all. I'm very naseous an cried a lot, now passing the time with TV and fanfic. Good thing with h/c fanfic, the characters are usually off worse than I am ;-)
Part of me hates being at home, but right now I have no money and energy to leave. It's hard living with other crazy (somehow I prefer to term crazy over the term mentally ill) people, and even harder knowing that I'm just as difficult and as exhausting for others to be around. Maybe I'm just tired. Probably. At least I hope it's just fatigue and the fast that's getting me this down.
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