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If you don't it yourself it won't get done

With my father in hospital and Bro at uni, nothing gets done around here. Until I took the bus to the nearest store, there was no food and until I cleaned up to kitchen and ran the dishwasher, there was nothing to put the newly purchased food on. If that weren't exhausting enough, I also managed to get into a huge arguement with Sis which predictably ended in tears. It's been coming a while though and was kind of inevitable. I think she behaves like she is the first person in the history of mankind who is depressed. She thinks I'm heartless and unfeeling. If I felt sorry for myself as much as she does, I would never get out of bed in the mornings.

Oh yeah, and on totally random note, there are horses. Right outside on the other side of the street. I have no idea where they came from, or what they are doing there, but somehow they seem menacing, especially since there is no fence or anything.

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