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Mind and Body

My meds have finally been delivery, so I'll spend days or so trying to get back to my usual dosages. With any luck, I'll feel like my usual self again by this time next week. I have started to make some changes to my diet, mainly including more sprouts and some raw protein powder. Not sure whether it's the added proteins or the EFAs or something else, but I don't seem to be needing an afternoon nap these days. With my energy increasing, I hope to be able to take up some light exercise again. I haven't been doing much of that lately, seeing as I have been tired and exhausted enough as it is.
In other, but somewhat related news, I have found a shop that rents out mind machines for people to try. I have rented one and it arrived yesterday. Used it both today and yesterday. Yesterday, I used a relaxing session and it ended up making me tired, but also dizzy and nauseous. Today went better. I used an energizing session, which was somewhat effective and didn't cause any adverse effects. I'm not sure yet what to think of it on the whole.
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