Illman (illman) wrote,

Starting up

Finally got around to getting one of these. i have no idea why exactly, expect maybe lack of anything else to do. Or rather I don't do the other stuff. It's not much of an intoduction here, but I've had a killer day: 15h at whork, 3h of sleep and I have to be back at the job in an hour. I don't dare thinking about the fact that i got to bike there. I swear that hill gets steeper everyday. Physically impossible, but stranger things have happened. Light's busted too on the bike, one day I'm so going to get run over or slam into something because I'm biking with that big maglite in one hand. I could take a smaller one, but my paranoid and jumpy self feels better with the big one, even though it's as heavy as they get. But who knows, that might come in handy if those freaking geese are running around again. The first time round I was so scared cuz i couldn't see them very well and didn't work with the maglite. Enough of the sleep deprived ramblings, onto work

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