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Heatwaves, Ebooks and more

After a few cool days, it's once again hot and humid and being hyperthyroid makes the heat only worse. I have been pretty busy with my research project recently, as I have another assignment related to it due on Thursday. But I'm started like I'm actually coming to grips with the material. It's beginning to come together. Not too soon though, there are only about 2.5 months left before the final version is due and I will need to study for my other exams during the same period as well.

As for something completely different, I'm thinking about getting an ebook reader. Some of you might recall that I used to have a BeBook, but sold it again because I was unhappy with a number of things. I have since gone back to reading material on my ipod, but since I just have a normal ipod not the touch version, it's not very comfortable reading with loss of formatting an small display. Since I don't intend to buy many ebooks, I don't really care about what is available in proprietary formats, which apparently greatly various for the different readers. The BeBook had the one advantage that I read many different free formats without larger problems. Other's don't seem as flexible. Haven't decided on any model yet, but if someone has any recs, please let me know. The market just doesn't seem that big on the whole :-/

My ebay decluttering campaign is continuing to be a major hassle which only turned out bigger today. I usually buy postage on-line and just drop it of at the parcel box thingy. But since I wasn't going to get into town for a few days, I schlepped to the local post office (not really a post office but a small store where they sell stamps and you can leave mail and parcels to be collected), but they don't take items with prepaid postage because they are not connected to the system (whatever that means). Bah!

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