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The joys and troubles of playing with new toys

Finally unpacked my ebook reader. After I previously had a cybook, I now am the proud owner of an amazon kindle. First impression, it even better in rl than it did on the 'net. It's charging right now. I decided that use that time to work on converting my existing 'books' (which really is mainly fanfic that I made into ebooks back when I was using the cybook) into the kindle format. I know it can be done as I naturally did research before buying the device, but it isn't that simply after all. The first software I downloaded, the free mobipocket ebook creator, seems to be able to churn out compatible files, but lacks a batch mode and I find the input formats somewhat limited :-/ I could of course go the roundabout way, for example first converting pdb books into pdf or another acceptable format and then into awz, but with no batch mode, that will take ages. Still looking for alternatives here.

Another toy I'm playing with, although it's not so new, is the orbit downloader. I tried recording from bbc archives (not iplayer) previously, and always ended up having to screen record. Orbit however is able to record a much better quality flv from the broadcast then what I would have managed using screen replay. Took me a few tries to first get it to work, but right now, I'm recording an episode of Zoo Quest For A Dragon and it's going smoothly. Will have to convert it latre on, but that should be no problem. In the meantime, I will keep looking into the ebook thing.

It's not like anyone actually cares, but I will probably be posting an update later today, perhaps along with some ebooks for your downloading pleasure ;-)
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