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No rest for the wicked, part 2

I must be very wicked indeed in order to be this much in demand for fixing all sorts of things...

maybe it's all those internet activities of mine

So I was trying to start my experiment report, when Bro called to ask if he could tumble-dry his jeans (yes, he called all the way from the US just for that!). Then Sis called really for no reason at all, other than to tell me that I should hurry up chasing down her lost parcel. She was not pleased when I told her the same thing that DHL had told me: you have to wait two business days before you can file a report about a lost shipment.

Also spent ages trying to figure out how to buy ebooks from without a US billing address which they normally require. Took some googling and trying, but I eventually managed. If I ever get around to reading my newly acquired books, is another question however.

Now, some food, a short break and then the experiment report is waiting.
Tags: family, kindle, vacation of doom

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