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An unexpected success

Seeing as my rl and health have really sucked the last few days, I was all the more surprised when something I tried it more or less on a whim solved a computer/software problem I've had for over six months. It won't be much use to me at the moment, but if I ever do graduate, I will have to time to step up my language studies again and then the fact that I can finally use kanjican on my vista machine will be awesome. I still don't know why it runs only with access runtime 2003 on this machine, even though on the xp machine it runs with the 2007 version just fine. It still gives a lot of error warnings but it's functional. It's just a shame that the author was forced to discontinue its sale due to copyright issues.

Other than that, this morning hasn't been to brilliant.Woke up way too early and couldn't get back to sleep, yet I'm exhausted. I expended far too much energy on my latest, still secret, project yesterday :-/
Tags: computer, japanese, kanjican, secret projectz

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