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Not all the way back on track yet, but getting there

My attempts to get back on track with life in general are meeting with moderate success, but still success. They are currently hampered by a headache that's been bothering me since I got up, but generally, things are going well enough. I haven't finished the draft for my thesis yet, but with said headache, I doubt it's going to happen today. Still I finally sorted out the printer and printed the rest of the literature I need. I'm also planning on putting the papers on my kindle, but I'm still tweaking the pdf conversion. Currently, it usually eats all the tables and most of the figures which tend to be important in scientific articles :-/

Oh well, I am also back on track with my eating. I ate far too much junk while the parents were away, but now I'm back to more greens and more fruit and less fat. Orkos is going to delivery some edible goodies today, which should make things way easier and less boring.
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