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Freedom is within my grasp... least for a day or so. I finally finished my research project yesterday. All I need to do on Monday is have it bound and mail it. I was going to get that done on Saturday, but the comb-binding machine at work was broken and by the time I finished helping my father, the stationery store in town was already closed.

I'm far from happy with my project, but I think it will be good enough to ear me a pass grade and that's really all I'm hopint for these days. The effort of finising the project on a tight schedule has really worn me out, so I'm taking things easy today - catching up on some TV and preparing for my next big non-academic project.

Of course, it wouldn't be life if there were not some aggravation to be had - once again in the form of the peeps I rent a webserver from. They are refusing the accept my cancellation, or rather, they say they never got it in the first place. Argh! I was really looking forward to freeing up that lump of money every month and using it for other stuff. But well, maybe they'll come around or they won't, not much I can do about that. At any rate, I'm determined not to let that upset me today and instead enjoy me day off so to speak.
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