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Hiatus Over!

My self-imposed hiatus is finally over which means that I am now done with my thesis as well as with both exams, one in Oceanography and one in Science and the Senses. Can't say the latter went very well, but at least it's over now and the results won't be out until mid-December anyways. I'm still pretty exhausted from all the effort and aggravation with getting to the exam centre. (there are only a few of those in Germany, so I had to travel quite a bit and let me just say that public transport is not doing anything to make travel more enjoyable!). I also have a rathet persistent cold at the moment, probably thanks to my sneezing/coughing students. After taking a lazy day yesterday, today is going to be all work, as I scored some more freelance work (with the same guy I worked for earlier this year). He needs a bunch of stuff in a rush by the end of the month which both means lots of a stress, but also quite a bit of money since he is paying rather well. And money I can really use, since my disability pay is once again under review (long story) and there is no telling how long that will take.

I might use the money from my freelance work to finally get a decent blender. The one I use is quite low power and doesn't give smooth results when making a green smootie. Besides, I am considering going on a juicefeast (not a juicefast like last time) so it could come in handy in preparing the required quantities of juice. As you might also have gathered from this and other recent posts is that I'm getting serious about improving my health as I'm, as they say, sick and tired of being sick and tired. Seriously, I'm on a ton of meds and I sleep at least 12 hours a day, but usually more like 14. If I don't get at least one nap during the day, I'm totally useless...Raw food has helped, especially since I cut down on fruit, but there still is a very long way to go. But enough complaining. I might even get a another journal/blog, especially for my juicefeast and related health improvement efforts.'s that time of the year again when NaNoWriMo is just ahead. I'm on the fence about participating. There is nothing really standing in the way in terms of other committments (my freelance work will be done by then, I very much hope), but I also want to research/write a non-fiction book, which unfortunately will not qualify for NaNoWriMo. Plus my muse has been very quiet in the last few months, possibly also for lack of time between uni, work and needing a lot of sleep. I have no idea what to write about, but that is not exactly new. My last nano-novel was solidly uninspired and sucked big time. I never even finished editing it. The one from 2007 was slightly better, and got finished and posted, but I never was very happy with the end-result. Maybe it's just time to wait for inspiration to strike and then delve into it. I do have a lot of time in the next few months, so if my muse decides to make a move, I will be ready ;-)
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