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An Update At Long Last

Sorry for the long silence. I had a rough week last week with regard to my health, but I'm feeling better now. Going off the abilify was pretty rough, with nausea, sweating, tremors and all that. But the worst seems to be over now. I sww Dr. S-D last week and we decided to have another go at Ritalin for my ADD, this time in higher dosage. It's working well so far. The trouble is only that here in Germany, you can only get Ritalin on a special prescription, which means a lot of paperwork.Especially annoying is that my doc cannot send me a script for it in the mail like she does with my other medications since I live several hours' drive away and can't drive. Law is that I have to pick the script up in person and also have it filled in person. It's pretty unfair, Sis is on narcotic painkillers and they are is easier to get than Ritalin. Speaking of Sis, she is going to Florida over the holidays to visit Bro and of course all the travel prep is falling to me. This morning for example, I have been glued to the computer trying to figure out if she can take her painkillers with her on the trip and what kind of documentation she'll need. So far, I have seen lots of conflicting info, but at least quite a few reports from people who are on the same meds and have travelled to the US, said that they had no problems with the drugs and customs. Technically not my problem, but my mother asked me to check into it, as well as into a whole lot of other stuff for the trip.

With Sis away, it's going to be a quiet holiday, I hope. Although my father can be quite stressful too, especially if he gets started on the subject of my meds and other lifestyle choices again :-/ With last week being so rotten, I haven't done much decorating or gift buying yet.

On Friday, I'll get the results of my exams back and will know if I graduate after all. I wouldn't be too surprised if I didn't, seeing how bad my concentration and other cognitice abilities were during most of the year. For next academic year, it's either rrepeating what I failed or getting started on my master's degree. I don't particularily look forward to either one of them, as I originally wanted to take a year off and focus on my health. But that would probably get me kicked out of my insurance, unless my doc confirms that I can't study for health reasons. I don't see that happening any time soon. So it will be back to the desk in 2010, probably still living with the parentals as finances are tight and even with disability payments I can't support myself.
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