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Not dead (yet)

While it may appear that I have dropped off the face of the Earth, I'm in fact still around. Without going into too many boring details, suffice it to say that things are rather crappy on the health front right now and I'm pretty medicated most of the time. And when I'm not, I'm usually busy with things that just need to be done (even by my standards which are pretty low in this regard). I'm not even watching my usual amount of bad TV these days. Fanfic's on ice, too.

Looking on the rather sparsely populated bright side, I didn't fail any of my classes from last year and hence managed to graduate at the end of 2009, whith a fairly decent grade to boot. For various reasons, chiefly because I need my health insurance, I signed up for a post-graduate course to occup me for the next nine months. It's not going very well at the moment, the meds serioulsy interfere with my ability to think, read and write. But that's life. At least it gives me something to do. (Although I think that as long I have my laptop and internet access, the chances of me ever getting bored are pretty slim).
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