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Study Ramblings - That's daily life for you

Less than 2 full weeks into my course and I'm already starting to think that I might be a bit too young for it ;-)

Not in terms of level (I actually had a working brain when I was younger!), more like in terms of content. The course is supposed to be dealing with controversal science issues, but most of these issues were last hot in the 1980s. Some of them I have never even heard of. Like the one that I have been working on all week - Alar (apparently it's some chemical used to treat red apples so they stay on the tree longer and get overall prettier).

Also, I'm trying to come up with an idea for my course project - something relating to the general theme of science and the public - that doesn't involve any actual face to face interaction and preferably no phone conversations either with said public. When I'm as medicated as I'm at the moment, I don't do verbal communication too well. Heh, I don't even do verbal stuff well when I'm in a good phase. Written conversation is so much easier!
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