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An update on a very G-rated life

Not much going on at the moment in my life, but since I've decided to update this place more often, you'll get the details anyways. At least the ones that I'm planning on sharing ;-)

The last few days have been okay. Not good by any stretch, but I've had a couple of decent hours every day and I'm starting to catch up with my studies. I'm about half a week behind schedule at this point and if this topic goes as well as the last one, I should be able to catch up by the time the assignment is due at the end of March. The current module is on the MMR vaccine and it's quite a bit more recent than the other two modules, plus I do have a certain personal interest in the topic. Should make studying this slightly more fascinating.

Other activities are still on ice for the most part though. I've got some ideas for new stories swirling around my head, but it's unlikely that I'll actually be able to write anything more than a vague outline for any of them :-/ But I'm reading fanfic and I'm even watching some TV. Also on ice is the conversation group that I have been part of for the last two years. While I enjoy going there a lot, it's very exhausting. I would have loved to sign up for the new term (the group is being held by an adult ed instute), but for once, I actually did the reasonable thing and didn't. Unfortunately, there goes my only opportunity to get out of the house - everything else I do, I can and tend to do from my desk using the internet. Seriously, I wouldn't know what to do without the 'net.
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