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well, I've said I'd updated more often

Problem is there just isn't a lot to say. Aside from studying, reading the odd fanfic and watching TV, there isn't so much going on in my life that's worth writing about.

I did pick up a new tech project however, and with the little gadget that I received in the mail this morning, I should be good to go. I want to transfer some of my VHS tapes onto my computer, seeing as I don't even have a TV set these day, I have no way to watch them anymore. Most of my tapes are probably just filled with junk, but there is some stuff I really want to keep. Also, I have received various tapes in trading for episodes with fellow The Bill fans and want to transfer those as well. Since my tech projects have a small habit of not going smoothly and I've never actually done a VHS to PC transfer, I figure I should reserve the better part of a day for this ;-) At least I'm almost caught up with my studies - if everything continues to go smoothly, I should be right on schedule by the end of the week. The mail man brought three SGA novels today that I haven't read yet. Looking forward to them, but I probably won't be able to read them before Easter, when I've got a break week in my study schedule.

Otherwise, much is still on ice. I'm not writing anything aside from study related stuff and emails/messages these days and some more motivation in the food and exercise department wouldn't be a bad thing either. I haven't prepared a real meal since Christmas and I can't recall the last time I actually worked out. Well, at least I'm doing most of the stuff that needs to be done in order for things not to go completely to pieces. It's really amazing, in a sad sort of way, how my standards have gone way done in the last couple of years.
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